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Welcome to, the official website for Shiva Science & Technology Group LLC. We at Shiva are dedicated to advancing humanity through the development of innovative science and technology.

Shiva Innovations

Currently Shiva has two patent-pending technologies, Fluidic Zero-point Power and Propulsion Units (Fluidic ZPUs) and Nanodisk-associated Immunogen Super Polyvalent Vaccines, which promise to significantly change our world, the former much more than the later.

Fluidic ZPUs (view the patent application) offer the promise to unlock a limitless energy source that permeates the Universe − and to do so in a practical and very economical way. Power will become very cheap and rather compact − no more need to burn oil, gas, coal, wood, or charcoal to heat and power our homes and factories. No more need for nuclear plants, wind or solar farms, hydroelectric dams, or tidal generators.

Nanodisk-associated Immunogen Super Polyvalent Vaccines offer the promise of ending the need for seasonal flu vaccinations. And, they offer the promise of practical protection against the common cold. Think about it − never get a cold nor flu again. Furthermore, this innovation offers a very good chance at producing an effective, and practical, vaccine against HIV (think about the ways that'll change things). These are just a few of the possibilities with these vaccines.

In order to help develop these innovations more quickly, Shiva is auctioning exclusive licenses for the intellectual property rights to these innovations. To learn more about these auctions, click here − Fluidic ZPUs and Nanodisk-associated Immunogen Super Polyvalent Vaccines.

Other Shiva Projects

Last Updated: December 6, 2013

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